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Nerf Swords

The Best Swords for Battle from the N-Force Range

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Battle Realistic Nerf N-Force Swords

Nerf swords and other products, which are currently under the stewardship of Hasbro, have been in existence for over 40 years and were originally designed by Parker Brothers. Their idea spread to the creation of durable foam sporting products and has since expanded into toys and games.

NERF (which stands for “Non Expanding Recreational Foam”), has enabled the manufacture of these child friendly safe, foam swords, guns, balls and other toys and these have proved to be extremely popular since the 1970’s when their garish colours and styles first came on the scene.

The professional process of making the foam has been refined and perfected, giving the toys a light, but solid and sturdy feel, helped by an internal plastic pole. This allows the swords to be swung with authenticity and although never flimsy, your limbs will remain attached to your body should you fail to block in time with your Nerf shield!

The world of Nerf is opened up to every little Barbarian out there, with body harnesses and bandolier tops designed to sheath and accompany your beautifully made blade. If you’ve spent you Nerf gun bullets and lived out those Arnie or Bruce Willis fantasies, now is the time to step up and embrace Conan and Thor.

The Nerf N-Force range consists of an extensive array of swords, axes and shields, below is a list of the swords you can purchase.

All of the Nerf swords can be wiped clean with a damp towel to keep them looking good ready for the next battle.