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Nerf Vendetta

For all the Darth Maul wannabe’s out there, stop. Your search is over. The Nerf Vendetta from the N-Force range is THE sword to wield at your Foe and wield it you shall warrior. The sword is silver with a light blue detailing along the handles and blades.

But this is no ordinary sword, oh no. This sword is at the cutting edge of Nerf sword fun. Not only is it two swords, which is useful if you’re on a budget and have two children, but it handily connects together by means of an attachment, which spans both sword handles when aligned next to each other, causing the sword to transform into a double sword and open up a world of twirling possibilities.

When connected together the entire length of the sword measures over 4 and a half feet and yet the patented Nerf design of soft foam over an inner plastic rod ensures the stability of this weapon against all enemies, kids and parents.

So what does this Nerf sword provide that the other weapons in the battle range don’t?

Well for a start, it is the longest weapon produced by Nerf when both swords are attached together to form the double sword, but even when they are used separately, they still measure over 2 feet in length each. This makes them the perfect size for duelling and the fact that they are identical can mean no party can call an unfair advantage if two people face off against each other using the two swords in a fight. The obvious secondary advantage is that this fact could stop arguments over who gets which sword to fight with in the first place.

The only problem may arise if you have two children/teenagers/grown men, one of which wants to play with the double sword, in which case for the extremely low price of the weapon, it might just be easier all round to get two at the start.

The flip side to this is that one person wielding the swords individually will have an advantage over their foe, being able to both attack and defend at the same time. One blade can be used to deflect incoming Nerf darts, bullets or another sword, while the other sword can be used to attack at close quarters and if you have two foes close by, well then by all means strike them both down two at a time.

That said, as far as battling is concerned the Nerf Vendetta sword would be considered a better blocker of incoming projectiles whilst in Megablade mode, as you would be able to twirl the blade as long as your wrists are suitably flexible. The supreme length in Megablade mode also allows you to strike from range and the size although long and possibly a hindrance is counterbalanced by the lightness of the sword and its resultant speed in battle.

This Nerf sword released in 2011 is suitable for ages 8 and over, so that rules you in dad. And granddad.